Positive Self Talk.

Self-confidence, Will power or Self-determination, call it what you will, we all have it within our grasp. But how do we get it?
Positive self-talk is another area that you require to learn and implement in your daily life.
When you trigger and realise these powers you will release innate powers that have been within you all the time. There will be a transformation in your behavior and way of speaking. Once you realise the forces are already inside you, constantly working for you, you will see where you have been going wrong all this time.
When you speak your subconscious records everything that you say just like a tape recorder. It will fulfil your requests a hundred fold, be they positive or negative. That is the reason why many people actually bring about their own failure, even without realising it.
Your subconscious listens to what you say and then says "OK if that’s what you want, lets set about bringing it to reality."
By now you might be saying, "you don't believe me" that’s fine, but let me show you what I mean.
The most common used word in the English language, in one form or another is "DEATH" how many times have you used it to describe something e.g.

  1. I'm dying to get that!
  2. You're killing me!
  3. I'd die for that!
  4. You look like death warmed up!
Reflect on the following words, what images do they bring to mind as you think about them?
"Suffering, death, war, fear, hate, poverty, starvation."

Do you feel good? NO, because they bring negative images that make you ill at ease, fearful images. They are images of pain and suffering, they make you feel uncomfortable.

Now try these.
"Depressed, defeated, rejected, sad, lonely, desperate."

Do you feel good? NO, because they bring negative images of sadness.

So imagine the damage that people do to themselves when they talk about their worries and woes all the time. How many times do you hear someone say, or even say them yourself, things like:

  1. "Luck like that would never happen to me!"
  2. "It's just my fate, i'm always unlucky!"
  3. "I'm fed up, I don't know which way to turn!"
  4. And so on...

Without being aware of it you are creating negative waves that attract even more negative every time you say statements like those above.
How often when you hear of a new business opportunity do you say, “that will never work” or “I could never do that”? You have already laid the foundation that stops that opportunity working for you. Don’t go bad mouthing you boss, your business, your family or your friends. Those children of mine; looks like I’m raising the kind of children I don’t want mine to play with. Dont get into strife with your wife and have words. Don’t do it.

You will never improve your life if you dwell on the misfortunes of the past, stop living past events you can no longer change.
Everybody wants to be happy, healthy and wealthy. Unfortunately most people get the opposite of what they want without knowing why. Those people use negative thoughts, words and emotions without realising they are blocking anything positive happening to them. However these can be changed very easily with a little bit of help and some practice. You can re-program yourself to speak positive words both out loud and to yourself. You cannot change what has been, you cannot go back and start again but you can choose to change the ending by changing today. Yesterday really did end last night, change your life today because today is the only day you will ever have.
Positive words, thoughts and feelings release positive creative forces within and around you.

Concentrate on the following words for a few minutes let each word conjure up an image in your mind, say the word out loud:
"Comfortable, free, love, joy, wealth, confidence, health, beauty, warmth"

Do you feel better? If you are like every other person who has performed this exercise then Yes you will feel better, for the simple reason that they are positive words. Obviously it is better therefore to convey positive images to release the creative forces of your subconscious.


Don't expect to change instantly overnight, after years of being immersed in negative waves, it will take a little time to change those effects. Stick with it and you will see changes. Habits take time to be changed; the longer you have practiced a particular habit the longer it will take to change it. However most personal trainers will tell you that a new habit can be learnt and ingrained into your life over a period of 21 days. Nothing is impossible for the person who knows the power of their spoken words. Speak out your positive requests in the morning when you wake up and last thing at night before you go to sleep. Speak them out with conviction and authority. Do not just read them from a list and expect the same results, this will not work. Re-program yourself and see the new you. Your subconscious does not reason, or reflect, it carries out "your orders" as it receives them. One problem does exist with this technique though, and that is your belief system, if you do not believe the words you are saying then your sub-conscious cannot bring them into being, you will be in conflict. Your spoken words must be in line with your beliefs.

Solomon from the Old Testament states in Proverbs 18:21 “the power of both life and death is in the tongue”. You can also find reference to this in the New Testament. The choice is yours, the results have been made perfectly clear for a long time, and this is not a new concept. You have the choice of what you say to yourself and out loud. Make sure you do not run yourself down, because when you do that you make it a majority it’s a done deal. Your mouth is confirming your thinking. Your mouth and what comes out of it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you say is what will come to pass in your life. You will never posses more than you confess.

Don't just throw this out because you think it sounds to simple, or that I have used references from the Bible; take time to reflect, give yourself a chance. You can always go back to banging your head against a brick wall later if you so wish.
Make up your mind that you are going to succeed and then continually tell yourself, speak it out, have faith in what you say and believe that it is going to happen. Be very careful that just as it's about to materialise you don't kill it off with negative words.

One technique you can use is to ask people close to you to stop you if they hear you speak any negative words. Correct yourself; once you are aware of the problem areas you can then work on correcting them. Use a tape recorder and record yourself as you speak and play it back to yourself. Speak out positive words, speak as if you already have what you dream of having. You want a script that you can record?

Then try this for size, and yes its based on a passage in the Bible but don’t let that put you off.

“I’m a winner and not a looser,
I’m a shouter and not a doubter,
I’m blessed, I’m blessed, I’m blessed, and I’m blessed,
I’m the head and not the tail, I’m above and not beneath,
I’m blessed coming in,
I’m blessed going out,
I’m blessed in the city,
I’m blessed in the field,
The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want,
I’m blessed, I’m blessed, I’m blessed, and I’m blessed,
I’m redeemed from the curse, sickness, poverty and spiritual death,
I’m a success looking for a place to happen,
There is money searching for me today,
There is money hunting for me today,
A blessing is coming my way,
The only way I could feel any better today would be to be twins,
I’m a blessed successful person,
I’m blessed, I’m blessed, I’m blessed, and I’m blessed.”

Now doesn’t that sound so much better than the usual “Nobody knows……… the trouble I’ve seen……. I tell you its so hard out their…… what we going to do……… there’s a recession going on…..”
Hey there may well be a recession but let me tell you something I’m not participating you don’t have to either.

Did you read the concept of thinking like god in the visualization section, well here’s another one for you. How about if I said you had to talk to yourself like you were god. You’ve visualized yourself and been thinking of yourself as if you were god, so lets talk to ourselves like we are god talking to us. Talk to yourself; create the you that you want to be as if you are god. If you have read the first chapter of Genesis in the Bible, the account of creation, then think on this. What did god use to create the world? Words, spoken words and god said... And god saw it was good. It took 6 days to create the earth and the 7th day god rested. Think about it god spoke the words, which confirmed the image in gods mind which then came into being. This took 6 days to complete, now if you believe god to be the all powerful being, then don’t expect to speak yourself and visualise yourself into a successful person overnight. The changes will happen but they will take time, the changes will manifest themselves in your life little by little. This will be more effective and noticeable if you change one area at a time. Make the decision to succeed to be the success you dare to dream being and put this into practise and expect to see results. Yes they may take time, but what time line have you set to your goals? In fact make these techniques your first goal, read the dream building section for more details on this.