The Bible Project Introduction
Starting as just a simple Bible search page, this section grew, ideas got added and more information became available. As with a lot of projects, once you start it takes on a life of its own and just grows. So we added more translations to the search, then someone asked what was meant when... So the article section was born. Somebody then watched a you tube video which we thought would be good to share. Links for most of our favourite sites got listed and we knew that this was going to just keep on growing.

We then found our calling, trying to reveal and show the original meanings behind passages that you thought you already knew, but had hidden meanings that not very many people know about. We thought like many that the original Hebrew was lost, a forgotten language, but we were wrong, some people still have copies of ancient manuscripts that have been translated. You may find a few surprises in the articles section, I know we did when we wrote them.
Bible Search
To use the search above, first select the version of the Bible you wish to search, then enter the word or phrase, check your spelling as this is a literal search function. You will then be taken to the search results page where all found results will be shown, they can be saved and downloaded for you to review at your leisure. If you get too many result, then try to narrow the search a little more and remember that the different versions may not use the same word or phrase. If you wish to read the search result in more context, you can use the chapter search page.

We are looking at alternative ways you can search, e.g. select a topic such as "Healing" and get all the relevant scriptures even if the word is not contained within the text. This may take time!

We are also looking at more translations, but again this may take time.
Torah Reading
Prophet Reading
Gospel Reading
The readings we have listed above, renew each week. We use the King James Bible translation for these at the moment, but we are working on a way to change the translation to one of the other Bibles we have available.
The Torah reading comes from the first five books of the Bible.
The Prophets is a portion that has similar interpretations, understandings as you will find in the Torah reading. Sometimes the link may not be obvious in the various English translations.
The Gospel reading will come from the first four books of the New Testament.

We also have a page of our favourite youtube videos, some teaching, some music. These are some of our current favourites and worth being shared. We may change these at times for new so keep checking back.

Some Bible scripture posters to inspire you, you can download these with a right click and use the "Save As" menu item. We are going to be producing more as and when time allows, feel free to download and use them.

We have a page of links to web sites that we believe will be of benefit to you. They will open in a new window when you click on them.
An articles section on subjects that we feel are needed for the times we are in. These may not be nicely written essays, but read them more as thought provokers and ideas to ponder on.