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The ultimate legendary performance car of the 1960s, 7 Ltr V8 developing over 500 HP.

AC is back on sale again in Europe, the US and Russia.
The AC MkV, a faithful recreation of the ultimate sports car icon - the AC Cobra, is now being produced in Malta for sale in Europe, with a London (Clive Sutton) and Moscow (Armand Legend) dealership launching the cars.

In 1964 a special AC coupe built for Le mans was clocked at 183mph at 4am on a newly built M1 Motorway in the UK. It is believed this lead to the 70mph speed limit being introduced in 1965.

AC 212 SC
Developed in 2000 as an evolution of the legendary 427 and weighed less than 1000 kg. The 212 SC was fitted with the lightweight 3.5 Ltr 350 HP Lotus V8.
AC Cars Manufacturing Limited for more details.

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