The Dodge Viper
The Muscle Car is back with a Vengeance.

Shown first as a concept car at the North America International Auto Show in Detroit January 1989 the Dodge Viper has taken a step back to the muscle car era of the early 1970's. As a consultant on this project Carroll Shelby, the man who brought us the Shelby Cobra in the 1960's has helped develop another snake that has got even more venom. Due to the high demand from that first showing the Viper went on sale in Jan'92. It was first seen at the 1991 Indianapolis 500 as the Official Pace Care for the race being driven by Carroll Shelby, the Viper RT/10 had arrived. No attempt was made to match the advanced specification of it's rivals; completely lacking in sophistication there is no traction control, no ABS braking or any other aids everything is down to the driver.

In 1993 a new concept Viper was built and met with the same public reaction. Though it looks like the RT/10 with a double humped roof, virtually all the body panels are new. The GTS has more power and has been made lighter, making this what Chrysler called a three season car, winter driving was not recommended. Displayed in a stunning blue with two white stripes resembling the Peter Brock Daytona Cobra. The car became a production version in 1996 and was chosen as the official pace car for the Indianapolis 500.

GTS-R Racing Viper

1991 Indy Pace Car
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