Motivational Pages - Introduction.

If you believe that your life is perfect and cannot be improved in any way, then this web site is not for you. If on the other hand your life could be better then read on but only if you are seriously ready for a radical change.

This is not going to be a quick fix, you will have to work at this, and all I ask is that you try your best and read with an open mind. It is not a one time read and you are set up for life, it is the same as personal hygiene you have to attend to it every day. How do I know this works, simple I am living it right now and believe me I was the biggest skeptic out there once.

Do you know what you want from your life?

Do you have a set of goals and dreams that you want to achieve?

Positive thinking will not allow you to do anything, just by thinking positive thoughts all day will not achieve anything, you have to put it into action, you have to live it. The positive thoughts and dreams you have, have to be realistic, they have to be achievable. A 140 pound 40 something person is not going to become the heavy weight boxing champion of the world no matter how positive he or she gets, it is not going to happen. However saying that, positive thinking will allow you to do everything to your absolute best, to your fullest potential.

Most people these days have an attitude of "I'm all right Jack, I've got what I need shame if you haven't". We live in a very materialistic time, success is measured in money and goods. Knowledge is valuable and many will not divulge what they know, they will not give others a help up on the ladder to success. What a poor way to live your life, this way you will never have total fullness of success in any shape or form. Your success cannot be measured against others, your success has to be measured against your potential and what you could achieve.

The success in everything that we do is largely determined by ourselves, by our own self-image. We unknowingly make the decision to either achieve or fail. Why do you think it is that some people attract success, happiness, love luck and money and others seem to have the opposite effect and all these things appear to give them a wide berth. Its like some people are magnets in the attraction game and others repel the force. Those who are magnets seem to have everything just fall seemingly so easily into their laps whilst others strive and struggle their whole life through and hardly ever achieve anything of any significance.

Most of this is due to our own self-acceptance; it is our self-perception that has to be changed so that we attract the positive magnetic forces of success. You see when you have a low self-perception you attract negative forces which push all the positives away from you. To achieve your dreams and become the person you really should be we need to change that effect, we need to change your self-perception and start attracting the positive forces instead.

Everybody has a talent for doing something, but how do we find it? Some people are lucky in the respect that they already know their talent. Others not so lucky and roam from one idea to the next. We have to discover that talent and then use it, develop it and focus on it at attain our true meaning in life. For the most part our dreams and goals, our daily life hides our talent search in these areas and that talent will be brought to light. Once we know, we can use this to promote ourselves into the person we are meant to be, our destiny if you wish to put it that way.

One thing I have found is that life is full of learning experiences. They are presented to us like lessons that we have to learn. Sometimes they are presented as problems, which we are required to overcome and unless we solve that problem we will continually keep returning to it in various disguises until we do. For some that can be a vicious cycle that never seems to stop, for others they just appear to waltz through life with apparent ease. Once we recognize the situation we can then move forward and solve it and the experience will help us to grow, gaining insight into ourselves. Some people may need help; there is no shame in that. Never be afraid to ask for help, there is always someone out there waiting to give you that help if you will only ask.

Does any of this rely on education? No not in the slightest, if having the right education were the key to success then I would not have even started this book. I was not the brightest of students at school; played soccer on the school team I played the position of left back, left back in the changing room. The only thing I was good at was running, athletics and cross-country, I learnt the sense of success in winning it stood me well later in life. I was in the lower third of the class; I made the rest look good. Education is not a proviso to success. What would you attempt, what would you accomplish if you knew you could not fail; if you knew it was impossible to fail what would you do?

At the age of 20 I joined the Army. Reason being I had a goal at the time of becoming a qualified vehicle mechanic. Now looking back at my past record at school I couldn’t face the prospect of working in a garage with a 4 year 1 day a week release course to college. I found out that by joining the Army, the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, that I could acquire the same qualifications. Albeit I had to attend a 6-month block-training course followed by 3 years serving in a workshops environment and then a further 6-month block course. As long as I passed the grades I had the same qualification. Well on paper and talking to the recruiting sergeant it sounded the better of the 2 options. So I signed up initially for 6 years, which would give me long enough to become qualified. Engines of all sorts always held a fascination to me, I had always tinkered with engines ever since I was a child, my father had taught me whilst working on his cars. So in 1978 I was off and ready to start, but I had to get through the basic army training first. Oh that drill instructor made my life a misery, the spit and polish was not my cup of tea, but it was for a reason, to teach me the discipline of the job. I stuck with it and passed out simply because of the dream I held of becoming a mechanic, and to prove everyone else wrong that I wouldn’t survive for more than 3 months. Moving on to the mechanical training I was horrified to find that the first 4 weeks were in the classroom, mathematics, physics and technical drawing. But, much to my surprise the mathematics was relevant, the physics was relevant; they all had a purpose to serve in being a mechanic and I found I started to enjoy the learning. I passed the course with top marks, so much so that I was excused having to go back in 6 months time to sit what is called an upgrade exam. You see they had 3 levels of mechanics in the regiment; 1, 2 and 3; 1 being the highest; I had just passed the level 3 with high enough grades to qualify me for the level 2. Usually this would require another exam 6 months after completing the initial course. Was I pleased I didn’t have to sit that exam. Then came the bonus, which you don’t get at a standard civilian college. I passed my car and HGV driving licenses and they didn’t cost me a penny courtesy of the Army.

I joined my first unit and put the theory and training into practice. Then 3 years later I was back to attend the upgrade from a class 2 mechanics to a class 1. Nobody gave me a hope of passing, reason being was that I was trained as a wheeled vehicle mechanic and the course I had to attend was for wheeled vehicles, but the unit I had been sent to was a Tank regiment. All I had touched for the last 3 years had been tanks, from the little reconnaissance up to the main battle tank. I had a dream though and everybody had to eat humble pie on my return. I had used something called transferable skills to pass the course with some of the highest grades they had ever seen. I had attained my dream at that time and I was considered a fully qualified mechanic. But along the way I had picked up quite a few unexpected bonuses, such as my licenses, which by now also included the tracked license. I had become a top athlete, representing both regiment and Corps. I had traveled to many countries around the world and all because I had a dream of becoming a mechanic.

In this web site I will lead you through many of the techniques you can employ by yourself to create the new you. Techniques like visualization, yes that is the same technique athletes use as they mentally prepare to start a race, they visualize the whole race seeing themselves as the first to cross the finish line. Then whoever has prepared best both mentally and training usually comes out the winner. Do you want to be a winner or would you just prefer to be the also ran? You can train your mind to believe you are a success even before the success materializes. Techniques such as Self Talk, speak to yourself. Learn how what you say both out loud and to yourself moulds your life. They make you what you are today. Dream building, goal setting holds the link, these are the key they are the reason you use all these techniques.

Do you have low self-esteem? Are you depressed? Here you have the keys to unlock the misery and suffering you are currently live in. This I believe is so important to your life, it will do the same for you as a telephone booth did for Superman. It will change you, you can become a superman or a superwoman. You can become an over comer, you can resolve all the trouble in your life but I have some news for you, it is down to you. You have to take the first step make the decision to change.

Do not attempt to live up or down to other people expectations of you, live to your expectations of yourself, be natural. You can only succeed for yourself; others cannot make or force you to succeed. You may not be an Olympic sprint champion, you may not be a concert pianist; but that doesn’t mean you cannot succeed, you will have something in you that nobody else has got. You are the means to your own success, so lets start the journey. Overnight success it will not be that I can guarantee, you may not even notice the changes that take place in you but I assure you they will happen and others will notice them and maybe if they are kind let you know.

This will be the least blessed day of your life, put these techniques into practice and I will guarantee that today is the least blessed day of the rest of your life. You will see your health improve, your confidence will grow, and success will start to move towards you instead of in the opposite direction. You will see your life change. Most people do not realize they are this way or the damage they are doing to themselves. A few of the lucky ones have seen the so called light at the end of the tunnel and have adjusted their way of life to produce sometimes astounding results. A few others have recognised that they cannot do this alone and without help, and have gone and sort out the help they require to change. Never be afraid to seek out help to change yourself for the better.