Positive Belief.

Our beliefs are what makes us what we are today. We believe some things are true and some things are false. They have been instilled in us since birth. First by our parents and anyone who looks after us during our child years they are reinforced by our culture, and we now accept them as a reality. Some beliefs are so deep we dont see them as beliefs but as fact, this is how life is and works. Our religeous beliefs are formulated in this way, depending usually where you are born and the beliefs of your parents, you will hold those beliefs as well. However this page is not about religion or any of those beliefs. As children most of us believe in Santa Clause, he brings us presents at Christmas if we have been good boys and girls during the year. That belief is soon shattered by our peers during our school years, but as we grow up and have our own families we instill that belief into our own children even though we know it to be false.

We believe some things are impossible.

Take the 4 minute mile, for years we believed it was impossible for the human body to be pushed to the extent of breaking that barrier. Then in 1954 Roger Banister ran the mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds shattering the belief that no man could break that barrier. In 2 months John Landy ran the mile in 3 minutes 58 seconds, now it is regular occurance.

If you believe something is hard to achieve and you will never be any good at it, then guess what will happen guess what you will achieve. But if you value the activity you will find the energy and motivation to keep on and push through any level of difficulty. If you cannot believe in yourself and your ability to succeed at something, what point is there for believing anything?

Everyone who has achieved anything has held the belief that it is possible. They have beliefs that help them, what stops us from succeding is that we believe it is impossible and when we believe that it becomes a reality.

Beliefs unlock your skills or those beliefs can stop you from unlocking your skills it all depends on you and the beliefs you hold.

So where are these beliefs?

To answer this we must look into the mind. As you may be aware there are two parts to the mind, the sub-concious or unconcious which is everything you are not aware of right now this instant, the sounds around you that you are choosing to ignore, the sights in your vision that you choose not to focus on. The sub or unconcious mind contains our highest asperations and our deepest fears. All of our beliefs and memories from the day we are born along with all the reinforceing messages we have received during our lives. Our intuitive feelings, habits or behaviour and pain and illness. Pay attention to these signals it is your unconcious mind sending you possible warnings to say slow down, change your way of living. If your body is sick or showing symptoms, then look to your life style first, your body could be warning you.

Then there is the concious mind, everything that you are aware of at this precise moment. It is like a search light that we have turned on and we are focusing on the objects picked out by this light. The temptation is to believe that this is all that exhists, this is our reality.

It must be empasised that they are not sepparate, their is no division between the unconcious and concious mind they are two parts in one to make a whole.

What you believe has been engrained into your conciousness since the day you were born. What you believe in is your reality right now. Look around you, everything you see and do enhances those beliefs. But stop a moment and look closer at what is going on in the world. Confusion for the most part, most people are striving to find a better life, relationships are breaking down faster than ever, people are working 2 sometimes 3 jobs to try and improve their future or even just to survive. Brother is fighting brother, the family unit is breaking down, our entire life structure is breaking down. But also there is success, people are finding unknown success, what are they doing, could it be their belief system, could it be the visual image they hold of themselves.

If you want to achieve something you havnt got or done before, then you have to do something you havnt done before. Carry on doing the same things all the time and you will achieve the same results all the time. Stop blaming everyone else or the system, it is down to you.

Do you have any limiting BELIEFS that have prevented you from success in the past...?
Check this list out of some of the more common held beliefs that will hold you back.

You can probably add many more to this list. Many of these may be deeply rooted in your unconscious mind and we fall back onto these beliefs with out questioning them. They are like an old vinyl record, with the needle falling into the groove and playing the same old song over and over again. If you wish to succeed or achieve you will have to change these deep routed beliefs.

To change these beliefs you must first identify them and realise that they are only your perceptions and that they are not fact and set in concrete. History proves to us time and time again what can be achieved if we only change our beliefs. Think about the four minute mile, how about landing a man on the moon, President Kennedy announced it on television long before the technology existed to actually do it, but the belief that we could do it changed our belief and we found a way.

I am not saying this is going to be easy or something you can do on your own. To change a belief you must find the root of that belief, in simple terms the reason why you belive it to be true. Wrong beliefs are usually the result of some incorrect information you have stored, to find this you will need help. It is not possible for you to find this for yourself because you believe the fact to be true and so cannot possibly be wrong or need correcting. There are specialists out there who can do this for you.

Roger Bannister wrote the following about his experience: "No longer conscious of my movement, I discovered a new unity with nature. I had found a new source of power and beauty, a source I never dreamt existed."

When we connect with that Source of Inner Power, it will expose our limiting beliefs for what they are - self-imposed. This insight to the Truth that our beliefs are not factual will render them powerless. We are living in a world that constantly tells us that we are powerless against such things as poverty, misfortune, sickness and that we should grab everything we can for ourselves. We can go as far as to say that we believe only a chosen few people have the necestity to achieve power, wealth and it is those few people who will determine what we can achieve. Is it any wonder that we are frightened of our neighbours, have to put down sometimes to the point of violence anyone who holds different beliefs to ourselves.

Your beliefs are your powerhouse, they will create or destroy your life. If you believe you are a loser, then that is what will manifest itself in your life, you become what you believe you are. Stop believing in lies and false truths, there is no limit to what you can achieve, if you believe in yourself. As you start to achieve success then the belief will be strengthened, if you need to hang around with similar like minded success people and eliminate the negative beliefs.

Do this in conjunction with visualisation, self talk and dream building and you will see the results manifest themselves in you life.