No man or woman is born into success or can inherited it from another, each has to work to achieve their own success in life. Failure is not an option, failure is only available in the grave. For that is the only place you are guaranteed to go and where you will stop having the ability to improve yourself, your standing in life and achieve success. Until that day you have everything already within you to achieve whatever success you desire, it is your decision how much of that success you acquire. Success is not measured by the quantities of money you may have, that is the measure placed upon it by a jealous world. The measure of your success is what you have achieved in your life compared to what you could have if you had used all of your abilities. All to often we sell ourselves short, we talk ourselves out of our inheritance. Yes that is what it is, we were born with all the abilities within us to succeed. Along our life pathways we make decisions that affect the level of success we can achieve.

Our final destination is already determined, we will all die at some point in our lives, that is a fact and we cannot avoid it. How do you wish to fill the time you have between now and that final point? You have two choices you can make; do nothing and carry on as you are or reach out and decide to go for the best you can possibly achieve. It does not matter what skills you have, education makes no difference and neither does your background and upbringing. So what is it that is stopping you from being your best? Fear? That is just your mind telling you that it does not wish to change or get out of the comfort zone it is currently in, this will change once you start to act on your decision. Maybe it is friends, colleagues or even partners who are telling you that it will never work and never happen. They are simply being selfish to stop you from getting something they cannot get. People do not wish to see you succeed because it may well show their weakness and lack of success, they wish you to stay at their level or preferably below it. It is your decision and only you can make that decision. Friends, acquaintances or anyone else cannot make the decision for you, they will if they are true friends encourage you to go for it and not to hold you back or restrict you.

Negative thinking and attitude will not bring you success only positive thinking and attitude can do this. You cannot change for just a few minutes and expect results this is a long term commitment. The changes have to happen within before you see them on the outside. Stay positive, stop any negative thoughts as soon as you realise they are there. You can change your life to a positive life at anytime you choose. If you have tried and fallen short of something in your life then it is simply that you have not tried for either long enough or hard enough, don't stop just because you cannot see the changes, they will come, it is usually just as you give up on yourself that the changes would have happened. Stay in there and see them through, do not allow doubts to be placed into your mind by anyone or this will stop everything you have worked so hard for.

Do not dwell and hold onto material things, they are just tools for a time and will pass and fade away. You don't usually keep the first car you buy for the rest of your life and use it everyday. Material things wear out and need to be replaced. They do not offer success, expensive diamond rings and watches do not show success they may show material wealth but not success. Money is not the key to success it is a tool to be used and how you use it determines how much money you will be allowed. If you hoard it and keep every penny scared to let any go then you will loose it all eventually. Use it wisely, you are simply a custodian of it and as you give it away more will be given to you. When you do give do not give for the reason of getting more, give because you feel you are right in giving with a cheerful heart. Find someone or some where to give to where you can remain anonymous if possible and never expect the return. I give to the one charity, I have never met the children who benefit from my donations but I do receive monthly reports and photos. They can never thank me personally because they will never know who I am, but the happy smiling faces I see in the photos tells me thank you. My rewards come from totally different areas of my life, money flows to me from places totally different.

Do not limit yourself in your thinking, visualise the best you can and then visualise more. Your limitations will limit the flow of success into your life.

Think along these lines for another way to see how you can achieve success in your life. Think of your life as a roadmap laid out in front of you, you have many choices as to which road you take, but if you know what you want you will then know which way to travel. If you wish to be successful in your life then I would suggest you look at the map and start travelling along the roads that lead towards that great city they call success. You can always take a few detours on the way, go down a few side roads to see the views but if you are determined to achieve that success you should always return to the highway to continue the journey. Just as in real life you will come across some road blocks to try and stop you, you will come across some road works that will slow you down, you may be very bad at reading a map and take a wrong turn, but those who want to reach success will find a way through and continue to press onto their destination. Some may decide to stay off the highway and take the senic routes which may take a little longer but can offer some spectacular views along the way. Whichever way you decide to travel towards the city of success, map your route and revise your progress as you need to along the way, not everyone like the smooth highway, choose the route that you desire and then stick to it.