List of articles

The list of articles below should not be seen as completed essays, they should be read as thought provokers, they are works in progress and may well be added to over time. We are only interested in getting to the truth, you are totally free to disagree with us if you so wish. It is time to put away the petty differences between the different denominations.
In the time of Jesus there is no Christianity, there are no Christians. Jesus was a Rabbi not a Reverend, he was called Christ not because his parents were called Mr and Mrs Christ but because it is the Greek word for Messiah.
The only Bible they had was what we call the Tanakh, the Jewish Scriptures and these were not neatly bound into leather backed books as we know them, but as scrolls. The scroll of Isaiah alone is 24 foot in length, 21 copies of the scroll of Isaiah were found amongst the dead sea scrolls. The scrolls in Jesus day were only found in the synagogues and read aloud on the weekly sabbath, High Holy days and Feasts they did not have their own personal leather bound copy, the New Testament did not exist, no one individual could afford to purchase even one scroll of one Book of the Old Testament.