Duxford Air Show 7th Sept 2008

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If you have ever seen a Spitfire at an air show or any other event, then just imagine the effect of Nine Spitfires scrambled and in the air at the same time. A single Spitfire will never be enough again, Ever. Plus some of the other flying and static dsiplays at Duxford.

Ready_to_Scramble Scramble Scramble_Nine_Spitfires_1 Scramble_Nine_Spitfires_2 Seafire
Seafire_2 Spitfire Static Spitfire_1 Spitfire_10 Spitfire_11
Spitfire_12 Spitfire_13 Spitfire_14 Spitfire_15 Spitfire_2
Spitfire_3 Spitfire_4 Spitfire_5 Spitfire_6 Spitfire_7
Spitfire_8 Spitfire_9 TwoSeaterSpitfire_7 TwoSeaterSpitfire TwoSeaterSpitfire_2
TwoSeaterSpitfire_3 TwoSeaterSpitfire_4 TwoSeaterSpitfire_5 TwoSeaterSpitfire_6 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3
Hurricane_5 Hurricane Static Hurricane Static_2 Hurricane_1 Hurricane_2
Hurricane_3 Hurricane_4 P51 P51_2 Bouchon 109
Bristol F2B Fighter Amiot AAC1 Toucan Mil Mi-24D Hind Dakota DC3_1 Dakota DC3_2
Dakota DC3_3 Dakota DC3_4 F15 Eagle F86 Sabre_1 F86 Sabre_2
Hawker_Nimrod Hawker_Nimrod_2 Hawker_Nimrod_3 Hunter_1 Hunter_2
Hunter_3 Tiger Moth Pembroke Piper_J-3C-65_Cub_1 Piper_J-3C-65_Cub_2
Yak x 6 Aerostars_1 Yak x 6 Aerostars_2 Yak x 6 Aerostars_3