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Peter Reynolds

Professional Profile

Disciplined, conscientious and enthusiastic software developer with training skills; used to working under pressure to critical project deadlines.

A team player, capable of working with all levels of management in the development of web-based applications: from initial concept through to successful implementation.

Plays a significant role in the development of software applications in 'real world' environments: adapting to the rapidly evolving requirements of cutting-edge business models.

Key Skills

  • ColdFusion
  • SQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • ASP (Classic)
  • JavaScript
  • HTML including DHTML and XHTML
  • CSS
  • Data analysis, import and export with report production
  • Version Control Software, Tortoise and Subversion
  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Implement and deliver training.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Effective team player with the capability to work under own initiative.


  • Created many sections of the Scottish National NHS Patient Medical Information System
  • Automated random competition winner and runner-up picker with full audit tracking for compliance monitoring.
  • Creation of a complete suite of website development applications - including a range of 'bolt-on' functional modules - from initial concept through to successful delivery, including user training, within 18-months. This business critical project facilitated rapid and efficient development of sophisticated ColdFusion/SQL based websites in volume, by the graphic design team, via a user-friendly interface; thus allowing business growth and profit targets to be met.
  • Conversion of in-house software, including web services, from version 4.5 up to MX 9.
  • Management of the software test team, with personal responsibility for fixing bugs and errors, code tidy and code reviews to increase efficiency and robustness of the software.
  • Bespoke website development from graphical concept to finished site: including complex e-commerce database driven sites, search facilities, site statistics and integration of payment solution providers.
  • Responsible for liaison with designers and company managers in the continued development of the applications in response to market and user feedback, in order to implement efficient cost-benefits within budget.
  • Creation of a multi-level, multi-user access ASP web site for delivering online Mystery Shopper program results.
  • Involved in the production of the original Air Tours weekend breaks web site using Intershop 4. This included adaptation of proprietary software templates to fit bespoke requirements, client documentation and training.
  • Experience of hardware maintenance and computer build.
  • Completion of military service with an exemplary unblemished record.
  • Written Motivational and Inspiration articles, published in eZines and other web sites.


  • 1995/99 Wolverhampton University, School of Languages & European Studies BA (Hons) Interactive Multimedia Communication Final Award: - Upper Second Class Honours 2:1
  • 1994/95 Halesowen College, West Midlands Access to higher education Federation
  • 1974/1975 Herefordshire Technical College GCE 'O' Levels.
  • 1969/1974 Southern Regional Examinations Board CSEWareham County Secondary Modern School, Dorset.

Employment History

ColdFusion Developer, Stratford-Upon-Avon District Council (Blues Point 3 months extended) Sept 2018-Jan 2019

ColdFusion version 2016, SQL, JavaScript and JQuery
Assist with bug fixes, enhancements and code reviews on their CMS and web sites. Add functionality to the CMS and create in house tools to assist with staff training.

ColdFusion Developer, Warwickshire and West Mercia Police (Venn Group 3 months extended) July 2017-May 2018

ColdFusion versions 9, 10 and 2016, SQL, Oracle, XML, JavaScript and JQuery
Create web services for 3rd party software to use to connect into the existing application databases. This involved gathering the initial data requirements from the project steering group; assisting with the installation of the services into the software and production of technical documentation. The new 3rd party software is to be used in the new joint Police force 999 call handling center and will utilise the web services for telephone, person, address, firearms and vehicle enquiries giving the call handlers as much information as possible to make a proactive judgement and dispatch the correct type of response units if required.
Production of testing environments and full developer and user documentation has been produced along with initial testing results. Documentation has also been produced for improvements and added enhancements to the services for phase 2 after the current development has gone live.
Unfortunately due to the nature of the data, examples of the code and documents cannot be shown.

ColdFusion Developer, University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (3 Month Contract extended) (Concept Resourcing agency) May 2015-Aug 2016

ColdFusion version 8, and 11, SQL, Oracle, JavaScript
Install and configure new ColdFusion 11 servers on Windows server platform with IIS 8. Create new functionality and features on the patient record keeping system along with updates to current pages. Redesign some screens to work effectively on tablet and mobile devices. Assist with daily maintenance and some bug fixes. Document changes made and produce training aids. Extract data from databases to build online reports and results for consultants and senior management.

ColdFusion Developer, City & Guilds March 2015-April 2015

ColdFusion version 10, SQL, JavaScript, Agile
Assist with bug fixes after an upgrade from version 8. General software updates and investigation into reason for errors.

ColdFusion Developer, Relayware (3 Month Contract extended) (Sanderson agency) April 2014-Jan 2015

ColdFusion version 8, and 10, SQL, JavaScript, Agile
Working as part of the Professional Services team, the role included customisation of the Relayware csm system and customer Portals. This included building bespoke add on elements such as single sign on via ADFS with SAML 2.0, custom business and tax rules for customers who log into the clients Portal from different countries. Current clients used ColdFusion 8 whilst new build customers had ColdFusion 10 which was optimised for use on mobiles and tables. Create automated process to import into database large data csv files (200Mb+ file size, 400,000+ rows of data) with customisable customer reports.

ColdFusion Developer, Manheim (6 Month Contract extended) (Spring agency) Nov 2012-Dec 2013

ColdFusion version 8, 9, SQL, JavaScript, Web Services, XML
Assist with the bug fixes and general everyday upkeep of their applications. Where required re-write sections and create new stored procedures from old database updates. Assist with putting best working practices into place, such as SVN, development and testing servers. Document both current and future improvements, investigate and analyse reports suggesting improvements. Create and implement data analysis reports for client managers from database data.

ColdFusion Developer, Claimbase (3 Month Contract) (Huxley agency) July 2012-Nov 2012

ColdFusion version 8, 9 and 10, SQL, CSS, JavaScript
Move numerous applications from various servers onto a new ColdFusion version 10 server. Clean up the code and bug fix as required on the different applications. Assist with putting best working practices into place, such as SVN, development and testing servers. Document processes and applications as required or as the applications were being updated.

Web Developer, Trakware Solution Ltd (Rolling Contract) (no agency) May 2012-June 2012

HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, JavaScript UI
Create a PHP network sniffer program to give details of all windows PCs attached to a network in a given ip range. Details extracted include, hardware configuration, OS and installed software. Save all returned data to database, provide ability to run jobs on time schedules direct from database. Use owners own JavaScript user interface to assist with current projects. Including, image upload, drag and drop, create, update and delete JSON files according to user input.

Web Developer, Theseus Consultancy Ltd (Rolling Contract) (no agency) Jan 2012-May 2012

HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, PayPal
Improved security log on, knowledge document store code for the Midland Hypnotherapy College web site and added a fully functional ecommerce shop to my own site. Both sites developed in PHP to improve my understanding of this language.
Update the SEO code for both sites and W3C compliance. Added in Google Analytics, for easier tracking of add words and page hits. Implement connection to PayPal payment acceptance for online transactions.

ColdFusion Developer, Santia Consulting (3 Month Contract extended) (RedRock agency) Jun 2011-Dec 2011

ColdFusion 7, 8 & 9 ColdFusion Components (cfc), Railo 3, Windows Server, IIS setup with SSL, SQL Database
Migrate 14 web based applications from a 3rd party ColdFusion hosting company onto a new in-house ColdFusion 9 server including configure IIS and SSL. Update application old code for improved performance and on-going serviceability where required. Customise applications for specific user requirements. Set up development and testing servers with code held in SVN, create and publish documentation for applications and future release policy.

ColdFusion Developer, NHS Tayside (6 Month Contract extended) (Abrecco agency) Feb 2010-May 2011

ColdFusion 8, ColdFusion Components (cfc), Oracle Database, XML, HTML, Yahoo GUI JavaScript tool set.
Assist with the "Multi-Disciplinary Information System" development of the system built last year. Add extra user requested functionality into live version. Review and rework code for greater efficiency where required including hardening of the software for greater stability and hosting. Assist with user requirements, helpdesk calls and bug fixes.

Web Developer, NHS Dudley (3 Month Contract) (Robert Half agency) Sept 2009-Jan 2010

HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, Classic ASP and SQL Databases
Rebuild web site into their in-house CMS software to W3C AAA standards. Using classic asp language, connect to and parse xml feeds from other NHS web-sites such as NHS Direct and NHS Choices. Accessibility testing and reporting, with staff training for changes in code practices required to remain W3C compliant.

ColdFusion Developer, NHS Tayside (6 Month Contract) (Abrecco agency) Feb 2009-Aug 2009

ColdFusion 8, ColdFusion Components (cfc), Oracle Database, XML, HTML, Yahoo GUI JavaScript tool set.
Assist with a "Multi-Disciplinary Information System" build for national release. Duties included code build; the use of the Yahoo developer's tool kit; user testing; error testing and bug fixes. Multiple databases including National for the exchange and update of patient data.

ColdFusion Developer, Scottish TV (3 Month Contract) (Abrecco agency) Nov 2008-Jan 2009

ColdFusion (Railo server), ColdFusion Components (cfc), MySQL, XML, HTML
Create import routine for xml feeds including weather, Scottish football leagues and TV listings. Create a competition admin section to allow staff to create competitions, surveys and polls. Create a function to pick randomised winners and runners up for the competitions with full audit trail to prove fairness and compliance.

ColdFusion Developer, UNEP-WCMC (2 Week Contract) (Hays IT agency) Sept 2008-Sept 2008

ColdFusion, SQL, AJAX
Finalise rebuild of the new GRAMED database website to support the UNEP and IOC/UNESCO implementation of UNGA Resolution 60/30. Main areas built are the search, data results and administration pages. The search page utilised JavaScript AJAX results with a function to allow for those with JavaScript disabled browsers. UNEP-WCMC - (United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre)

ColdFusion Developer, MelodiMedia (2 Week Contract) (No agency) July 2008-Aug 2008

ColdFusion, SQL, Stored procedures and Web Services
Secure live web sites from SQL injection attacks and hacking.

Web Developer, Midland Hypnotherapy College (2 Month Contract) (No agency) May 2008-July 2008

HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript
Develop 3 web sites which include an administration area, searchable knowledge document store and student membership area

Web Developer, RedAnt Solutions (contractor for 3 months) (Computer Futures agency) March 2008-May 2008

ColdFusion, ColdFusion Components (cfc), MySQL, HTML
Build a multi level access web site to train and test physicians; review suitability and equipment within clinics for a new cancer drug release. Fully database driven site utilising a MySQL database with administration area to update content and view numerous reports. Create training documentation and assist with user testing.

Web Developer, Aggregate Industries (contractor for 6 months - extended) (Progressive agency) Dec 2007-Feb 2008

ColdFusion, ColdFusion Components (cfc), SQL, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Immediacy CMS
Update and extend functionality within an internal application to allow for database updateable of systems, security and product ordering; the implementation of a multi level authorisation process within each section; customisable menu system, admin section and audit trail reports.

Web Developer, James Villas Holidays (contractor for 6 weeks) (RDF Group agency) Oct 2007-Nov 2007

ColdFusion, CSS, XHTML, SQL, Stored Procedures
Assistance required with the rebuild of new web site. My involvement was to produce a set of functions relating to the flight search through to booking. This linked via a gateway to their supplier. Called from either the web site or the internal departments this was a stand-alone piece of work with functions that could be called for initial search, detailed search, flight extras, passenger details, and bookings.

Web Developer, Aggregate Industries (contractor for 6 months - extended) (Progressive agency) Feb 2006-Oct 2007

ColdFusion, ColdFusion Report Builder, SQL, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Meta data, Immediacy CMS, Fusebox
Build templates for the business to business and business to consumer web sites using the Immediacy CMS framework working to W3C accessibility standards to Triple A conformance on both CSS, XHTML and HTML.
Build new business critical intranet applications for both the UK and USA business. Support departments for all intranet applications. This included project management of my own work, liase with other departmental managers to encourage prompt and relevant details and feedback, consultation with other departments, mediate and facilitate meetings, user and development documentation.

Web Developer, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (contractor for 4 Weeks - extended) (Senitor Associates Ltd agency) Oct 2005-Feb 2006

HTML, DHTML, CSS, Meta data, Abacus Webstructure, Abacus Informs, Classic ASP
Rebuild of the Council web site into the Abacus Webstructure framework working to W3C accessibility standards to Triple A conformance on both CSS, XHTM and HTML. Working with a team of four developers I was responsible for some of the more complex HTML pages, meta data for both local and central government compliance and Contact forms within the site.

Web Developer, Wanadoo UK (contractor for 2 months - extended) (Progressive agency) June 2005-Sept 2005

ColdFusion, Spectra, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, DHTML
Covering for staff holiday and vacancies, I was responsible for the general every day maintenance of the Portal page. Responsibilities included code bug fixing, the building of tools and objects within the Spectra framework for the use of page editors and the use of remote scripting techniques / AJAX. Other areas of responsibility include the production of email newsletters and service announcements, and design and daily maintenance of additional tools, code snippets, for use on the portal pages.

Intranet Software Developer, BT (contractor for 3 months - extended) (Hays IT agency) Oct 2003-April 2005

ColdFusion, Classic ASP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, DHTML, SQL, TSQL, Stored Procedures, Access, Excel, PowerPoint
Build a Web Intranet Portal for the Wholesale Division to allow 6500 engineers and their managers a one-stop shop for all their daily work needs.
I was involved with the consultation, project planning, build and delivery of this product. Automation of the personal performance figures from a daily downloaded csv file to SQL database and Website. Recording with storage of actions and issues arising from daily work.
Training sites for the trainers and users coded in html with ASP feedback forms.
Building Team and demonstration web sites to gain feedback, ideas and general information on requirements. These were built in classic ASP with databases to hold the responses.
Other responsibilities included advice on what was and was not feasible, technical advise, attending planning meetings, problem solving, web page related issues such as page loading speed, production of project documentation to allow for easier updates to the code and some general PC training.

Internet Software Developer, (GB) plc, West Midlands (formerly Nov 1999-July 2003

ColdFusion, Classic ASP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, DHTML, SQL, Stored Procedures, Access, Excel, PowerPoint
Four years' experience within the Research & Development department. As part of this team I have been responsible for the development and implementation of the in house website production software, coded in ColdFusion, SQL, HTML, DHTML and JavaScript. My duties also include general code maintenance, bespoke code implementation, upgrades, error testing, bug fixing, customised stand-alone value added services for Freecom clients, staff training, production of demonstrations and backup support for multi-skilled teams. Coldfusion MX is currently used as the principal development and hosting framework, although I am required to use ASP and JavaScript code for some legacy sites as and when updates are required.

Various other part time jobs to supplement local authority grant whilst at university as a mature student. Jun1996-Aug 1999

  • Administrator, Sandwell Social Services, West Midlands
  • School of Legal Studies. University of Wolverhampton.
  • WH Smiths. News Division, West Midlands
  • Wolverhampton University, West Midlands

Responsibilities included:

  • Initial design, development and production of the School Web site.
  • Production of Distance Learning Law modules in HTML.
  • Technical assistance as and when required.
  • Administration duties including confidential paperwork

Mechanics Career Sep 1978-Mar 1992

  • United Carriers Ltd, Hants
  • Alresford Marquees, Hants
  • Swain and Jones, Surrey
  • HM Forces---Army

Other Activities

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Travel
  • Reading
  • Research into motivation and inspiration
  • Motor Sports



Full clean driving license