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PeterHello, my name is Peter and I am the Owner and Director of Theseus Consultancy Ltd. I am a specialist ColdFusion developer working for clients all around the UK.

I live in the south Birmingham area, just about center of the UK. I enjoy athletics, swimming, mountain bike riding, sea fishing, motor racing, hiking, gardening, tropical fish, concerts in the park, fireworks and holidays in the sun (when time permits) along with motivational training and self improvement.

My military career has accounted for the first part of my working life. Serving with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. I trained as a vehicle mechanic, working on anything from Motorcycles to Tanks and everything in between including plant machinery and generators.
My first 6 years were spent with the Ace Mobile Force (Land) Reconnaissance Squadron, a quick reaction force for northern NATO. Based in Tidworth Hampshire, on the edge of Salisbury Plain, I traveled to far away exotic lands such as Norway during the months of January to March; most of the time spent out in the field; fully recommended for any fellow sun worshiper!

It was not all fun though I did have to travel to places such as Denmark, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, USA, Germany and most of the military training areas in the UK.
After this exciting time I spent the rest of my career at various workshops in the UK, where life was gradually brought back to normality. I was discharged at my own request after 14 years service, with an Exemplary Military Record.

After long and careful consideration caused by a number of redundancies a change became necessary. A higher education course at college finally transported me to Wolverhampton University.
Me at university! I left school so fast the dust is still settling, I didn't even collect my certificate, I vowed never to return to the classroom again. However all that changed mostly through the army education system and my mechanical training, algebra has a use, school never gave me that. Although the university course appears to be a complete change of career direction, I have found that I have been able to use many transferable skills, from my previous employment's, plus a lot of hard study to attain my goal of a BA(Hons) Degree in Interactive Multimedia Communications. Syntax of language, probably the best semester lectures I have ever sat through, the law of language, what a revelation. If only my old teachers could see me now, it just proves that you can achieve something if you really want it enough. And yes I can honestly say that I enjoyed the whole 4 year experience. Now I spend my work days as a web developer working for myself and travelling to various employers who require my skills.

Since my school days I have had a love for athletics, and track events in particular. During my military career I pursued this to the extent of competing in the 400mts flat and hurdles, for both my Unit and Corps. I representing my Unit at the UK Army Championships for four consecutive years. On leaving the Army I joined Hereford and County Athletics club, representing them in the Midlands and Welsh leagues up until 1994. My main events were the 400mts flat, hurdles and 4 x 400 relay, however, I also filled in when others were injured or failed to turn up. Anything from 3000 mts steeple chase to the javalin and triple jump.

My MGB-GT before the rear was reshaped for me.My new car an MG-TF I enjoy rebuilding classic cars, along with modifying, tuning and general upkeep.
My last project was an MGB GT built originaly in 1978. The car had complete new uprated suspension, lowered to chrome bumper specification, new uprated brakes, chrome bumper conversion, conversion to unleaded fuel. I have also fitted K&N air filters along with a Stainless Steel free flow sports exhaust system with LCB manifold. Engine has been fully rebuilt, with new bearings and piston rings. I was not interested in keeping this car original, apart from the bodywork, this car is intended for daily use so I concentrated on making it perform as close as possible to modern day standards. Certainly not one for the concourse shows, but it did however attract a lot of attention. Thanks to someone deciding to get into the boot at 70mph with his car I had to break the MGB up and sell off the useable bits, not a very nice experience, but I am recovered from it. He obviously wanted a closer look but couldnt wait. I have found a very nice replacement for the MGB though, yes the MG TF.