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I hope you find the self improvement information here of use to you and welcome any comments you may wish to make. I believe that in the tangled web of this life, beauty and perfection will find a way though. I hope in some way that this site can contribute something to bring this about in your life through motivation, inspiration and spiritual help.
Life Changes is about changing your life now for the better, dont live your life in depression find out how to achieve the success you deserve. Be that through dream building and goal setting, self talk, visualisation or through the spiritual side of meditation. Get a positive thinking attitude here and learn how to win in life and attain your freedom.

General Pages

Plenty of Links to other Motivational sites for you to check out.
My own dream is to own a Spitfire seen here at various UK air displays. This would be followed closely by a Hawker Hurricane and a de Havilland Mosquito.
The Bible Project, a selection of articles from an interest in getting back to the original meaning when the words were written down, not what we think some 2000 years later. Bible weekly readings, search different versions and check out a you tube video.

Dream Cars

Dodge Viper, the American muscle car.
AC Cobra. A British Classic with a little help from Caroll Shelby, the car responsible for the introduction of the 70mph speed limit here in the UK.
Something a little more unusual, how about the Lancia Stratos. One of the all time great rally cars.
Coming in the next update, the Ford GT 40
Others will be added over time.

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